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Lifting Bladders

Lifting Bladders

When you need assistance lifting heavy loads, use custom heavy-duty air bladders from Specialty Plastic Fabricators. Our air bladders can be used for a variety of situations to safely hoist, set, or push apart extremely heavy objects. These bladders can also be used for creative purposes to assist with unique applications like RV leveling, dent removal, applying pressure, and much more.

Regardless of the application, Specialty Plastic Fabricators can manufacture our heavy-duty lifting bladders on a small or large scale to meet your needs.

Lifting Bladders
RV Leveler
Lifting Bladders
Lift Bag
Dent Removers
Dent Remover


Since we are a custom plastic fabricator, we can help make almost any product made of flexible PVC sheets or Urethane material. When you have a brand new idea you want to get started with, we can offer our prototyping service. 

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