Custom Air Inflatables

At Specialty Plastic Fabricators, we manufacture our custom air inflatables with all industries and applications in mind. By manufacturing our air inflatables using flexible plastic materials, such as PVC, we can accommodate all types of applications. We use a PVC sheet welding process that produces a tight seam for our custom air inflatables, making them far more durable than other materials. 


Air inflatables are widely used across many industries. Industrial plants use air inflatables to provide energy by sending and receiving air through an underwater air bladder. The Shipping industry uses air inflatables as a filler for space inside packaging. The Medical field utilizes air inflatables to assist with broken limbs, transporting patients, and blood pressure cuffs. These air inflatables are not just for industrial use. They are used as a flotation device with an inflatable raft or as an inflatable seat cushion for furniture. 


Whatever your application may be, Specialty Plastic Fabricators can manufacture your custom air inflatables on a small or large scale. Have a project in mind? Request a free quote or give us a call today!

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Custom Inflatable Rafts
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Inflatable Seat Cushions
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Air Inflatables
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Custom Inflatable Bumpers


Since we are a custom flexible plastic fabricator, we can help make almost any product made of flexible plastic materials. When you have a brand-new idea you want to get started with, we can help by offering our prototyping services.

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