February 5, 2021

Air Bladders 101

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What are Air Bladders? 

Simply put, Air Bladders are a manufactured product made out of flexible plastic materials, such as PVC, that can be inflated with air. When manufacturing these air bladders, it’s essential to use flexible plastic materials because of the variety of applications and uses across many industries.  

What Materials Are Used?  

The materials used to create air bladders vary because of the vast number of applications across many industries. But, the most common materials used in manufacturing are Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, or Vinyl. Each one of these materials has its specific strengths or weaknesses depending on the use case. PVC is the most commonly used material for air bladders because of its flexibility and economical features. PVC also comes in different thicknesses and colors, making it so versatile for any use. At Specialty Plastic Fabricators we specialize in manufacturing our Air Bladders using flexible plastic made out of PVC sheets. We then take each bladder through our PVC sheet welding process, producing flexible plastic bladders with a tight seam that is far more durable than other materials. 

What Industries Use Air Bladders?  

There are a variety of industries that use air bladders for many different applications. The most common industries include:  

  • Industrial Plants – Used to provide energy and power to plants by sending and receiving air through an underwater air bladder.   
  • Shipping – Used as a filler for space inside the packaging 
  • Medical – Many uses across the medical industry. Assist in positioning broken limbs, moving patients, blood pressure cuffs, and pressure wraps 
  • Automotive – Used for lumbar support in driver and passenger car seats 
  • Aerospace – Used for emergency oxygen bags and floatation devices on planes 

 No matter what industry you’re in, Specialty Plastic Fabricators can make just about any flexible PVC sheet product that can hold air to help float, protect, provide comfortable seating, and more. Whatever the application, Specialty Plastic Fabricators can manufacture your air inflatables on a small or large scale.  

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