Plastic Fabrication Prototyping

Prototyping Services

As a custom plastic fabricator, we can help make almost any product from flexible PVC sheets or Urethane material. When you have your design ready to be made, we can offer our prototype service.

Guidelines of our services:


A prototype can typically be manufactured within two weeks after the details have been finalized.

1-5 prototypes can be made, dependent on the complexity of your product.

While we may be able to advise with general sourcing of components, the customer typically provides all of the additional components for the prototype(s).

We are custom plastic fabricators, not designers. Therefore, we are able to provide consultation for manufacturing, but not product design advice.

Prototyping charges generally start at $2,000.

We have many customers that request a signed NDA before starting the prototyping service. This is not a problem, as we are happy to do this.


To start the discussion, contact us at 708-479-5501, email, or fill out the form below.

Want to take a look at some of the products we have made? Click on a photo below to view. 

Specialty Plastic Fabricators Air Inflatables
Air Inflatables
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Liquid Inflatables
Liquid Inflatables
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Lifting Bladders
Lifting Bladders
Specialty created plastic cover for cargo on flatbed truck
Superior Custom Tarps
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Industrial Sports Curtains