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Among the Best Inflatable Manufacturers in USA

Specialty Plastic Fabricators specializes in custom vinyl fabrication, custom size tarps, urethane bladders, industrial curtains, custom PVC covers, and more. Need help from a custom plastic fabricator? Contact us for a quote. 

Superior Custom Vinyl Fabrication & More

Established in 1978, Specialty Plastic Fabricators specializes in vinyl fabrication for various industries. Our 18,000-square-foot facility allows us to produce high-quality products such as lifting bladders, silo breather bags for agricultural use, sports cushions, and more. We ensure durable solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.


We are a custom flexible plastic fabricator, specializing in RF welded vinyl products and vinyl fabrication. We can help make almost any product made of flexible plastic materials. Click the button below to learn more about our prototyping service.


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CTO Enterprises

CTO Enterprises is the operating company for our multiple brands

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