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Superior Custom Tarps

Benefits of a Superior Custom Tarp

Superior Custom Tarps are manufactured in the USA using a Patented RF welding solution, that eliminates all sewing; making it completely water-proof. This ensures that Superior Custom Tarps are the best tarps on the market. Our quality custom fabrication and workmanship, set the standard for others to try to match.


Customize your tarp the way you want. Select your size, color, number of flaps, drop length, and material weight and get a free quote.


Our standard lead time is two weeks or less. We also offer expedited/rush services.

Manufactured with pride in USA. CALL US TODAY!

close up of d-ring attachment and tarp attached to flatbed truck using d-ring anchors
RF welded connections are 31% stronger than sewn connections!
Sewn D-ring connections will rip open when under enough strain.

RF welded connections will NOT rip open, because the weld is actually stronger than the material!