March 31, 2021

Turn an Air Bladder into a Paintball Course

Player crouching behind an air bladder playing paintball

What are Inflatable Air Bunkers? 

Paintball is a fun outdoor shooting sport game that can be played leisurely or competitively. Typically, Paintball is played on a course and depending on the field that you go to they can have inflatable paintball bunkers as obstacles to hide and navigate around. Specialty Plastic Fabricators has the ability of creating a set of custom paintball field bunkers for fields of any size. 


The Benefits of Blow-Up Paintball Barricades 

The benefit of using inflatable bunkers vs. built structures is the ability to customize the layout of the field, change up the design, and create new obstacles for your players at any given time. The change in the layout keeps players coming back for paintball events and tournaments and keeps them interested with how the inflatable obstacles have added a new challenge to their game. Another great feature of custom paintball field bunkers is that many professional competitions use inflatable bunkers for their courses as they are transportable and clean up easily following any game where they are sprayed with paintball shots.

Unlike mass producers of inflatable paintball bunkers, we are able to make durable air inflatables custom to your needs, so if you’re looking to add additional obstacle pieces to your field, we can assist you in making the perfect size, shape, and durability that you need for your product to last longer.


Our team of experts at Specialty Plastic Fabricators can work with you to create inflatable paintball barricades that fit you and your fields needs. Contact us today at 708-479-5501 and get a free quote on our air inflatables!

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