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Silo Breather Bags

Silo Breather Bags

Specialty Plastic Fabricators has been manufacturing Silo Breather Bags and Straight Breather Bags for over 40 years. Our breather bags are made in a traditional time tested design using thin flexible plastic sheets which are RF welded. We use specially made 16 gauge vinyl which is formulated to resist mold, mildew, fungus and rot – and to perform in temperature extremes. Standard internal bag sizes are for 20′ diameter and 25′ diameter silos and 5′ and 7′ straight bags typically used as external breather bags. We can also manufacture custom bags upon request. All breather bags are of the same high quality with features shown below.

Specialty Plastic Fabricators Curved Bag Silo Breather Bag
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Straight Bag Silo Breather Bag

Silo Breather Bag Features

Specialty Plastic Fabricators Silo Breather Bag Yoke
Fully integrated and sealed yoke for hanging – with a heavy-duty fabric reinforced vinyl for superior strength.
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Silo Breather Bag Grommets
The yoke features completely sealed in plastic grommets and is stamped for easy identification of the inside curvature.
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Silo Breather Bag Oarlock
Heavy duty oarlocks are PVC sheet welded on a separate vinyl layer, then sealed to the breather bag. This helps maintain bag integrity and achieves better quality and strength.
Silo Breather Bag Ends from Specialty Plastic Fabricators
The bag ends are round and flat. This is the optimum design for use in the top of the silo.
Specialty Plastic Fabricators Silo Breather Bag Seals
All breather bags feature wide, PVC sheet welded seams, further enhancing the quality and integrity of the breather bag. This design and seam construction has been used for over 50 years and is still the best in the industry.

If you’re looking for a custom size breather bag that is NOT the standard 20′, 25′, 5′ or 7′, we can work with you to make the size you need!

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