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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Specialty Plastic Fabricators has made more than a thousand items for my company over the last 10 years and I count them as one of my leading suppliers. It’s hard to find a company that does such an excellent job every time and I wish all of my suppliers were this friendly, efficient, and reliable. The craftsmanship and quality control in their products is simply amazing. Whether I have worked with Mike, Trevor, Samantha, or any one else at Specialty Plastic Fabricators, I have always received excellent customer service, impressive lead times, and outstanding pricing.

Joe G.

We always highly recommend Specialty Plastic Fabricators when it comes to RF sealed materials. They are second to none in the industry for quality, they build and ship parts quickly, and are always a pleasure to work with on projects.

Zack E.

As a long time customer of Specialty Plastic Fabricators, I can always be assured that my orders will be shipped on time. Order acknowledgments are always promptly given and Specialty Plastic Fabricators rates a Number 1 for providing customer satisfaction.

Joanne T.

We have a lot of vendors and Specialty Plastic Fabricators has the best customer service. You guys are so friendly and helpful. We really appreciate it.