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Custom Tarps: Everything You Need to Know

June 7, 2021

Custom Tarps: Everything You Need to Know

Custom Tarp

Believe it or not, tarps have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Back in the day, sailors would use tar-covered canvas tarps to protect goods from salt spray and water damage during transit. Over the years, materials, types, and applications for tarps have come a long way. From waterproof camping tarps to heavy-duty truck tarps, the uses for tarps are endless. Since there is no “one size fits all” tarp solution, the challenge becomes finding the right tarp for your specific application. The good news is, you don’t have to settle for an oversized or undersized tarp. Specialty Plastic Fabricators can create superior custom tarps specifically for your application. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using custom tarps and why you should trust Specialty Plastic Fabricators for your tarping needs.

Custom Tarp Sizing

The benefit of using inflatable bunkers vs. built structures is the ability to customize the layout of the field, change up the design, and create new obstacles for your players at any given time. The change in the layout keeps players coming back for paintball events and tournaments and keeps them interested in how the inflatable obstacles have added a new challenge to their game. Another great feature of custom paintball field bunkers is that many professional competitions use inflatable bunkers for their courses as they are transportable and clean up easily following any game where they are sprayed with paintball shots.

Custom Tarp Materials

Now that we have addressed tarp sizing risks, it’s time to talk about materials. Tarps are generally available in polyethylene, vinyl, canvas, or mesh, depending on the application. Making sure you are using the proper material is essential for the protection you need for your given application. One typical tarping functionality many people require is that the tarp is waterproof. Standard tarps may claim they are waterproof but are often not 100% waterproof. At Specialty Plastic Fabricators, we manufacture our custom tarps using either our patented RF welding or heat welding technology. Both RF welding and heat welding eliminate the sewing process, making our custom tarps completely waterproof. When sewn tarps and tarp seams are stressed, the thread takes the pressure and could break. Using RF welding and heat welding, our tarps evenly distribute stress throughout the material, providing a much stronger seam to prevent air, moisture, or debris from getting in and damaging what’s under the tarp.

Specialty Plastic Fabricators Superior Custom Tarps

Our Superior Custom Tarps are manufactured only in the USA. With our quality custom fabrication and craftsmanship, we set the standard for others to try to match. Customize your tarp the way you want. Select your size, color, number of flaps, drop length, material weight, and get a free quote.

For all your custom tarp needs, give Specialty Plastic Fabricators a call or request a quote today!

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