Plating Tank Liners

Plating Tank Liners – The Perfect Fit Every Time     

Plating Tank Liners are made from flexible PVC customized to your tank dimensions for the perfect fit every time. Drop in tank liners are ideal for hard chrome, anodizing, and electroless nickel applications. Tank liners are quickly and easily installed by shop personnel with the least amount of down time and will extend the life of your tank.  

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Flexible PVC ‘Drop-In’ Tank Liners for the Plating Industry

Electroless Plating Tank Liner Electroplating Liner Electroplating PVC Tank Liner


  • Leaky tank
  • Tank contaminates solution
  • Old lining contaminates solution
  • Bonded-in lining is hardening and cracking
  • Solution chemically attacks tank
  • New tank too costly
  • Other lining methods too costly or time-consuming to install
 Leaking Tank


An SPF fabricated flexible PVC liner because of these advantages: 

  • Quick easy installation with minimal down time and loss of production
  • Use of your own personnel rather than expensive outside contractors in most cases
  • Inexpensive compared to other alternatives
  • Custom made to tank dimensions for proper fit
  • Elimination of sandblasting and bonding of liner to tank
  • No other expensive tank preparation—just smooth down sharp projections
  • Liner will expand and contract with temperature changes and tank movement
  • Long lasting; superior material formulations for widest range of chemical resistance
Installed PVC Plating Tank Liner


A wide variety of optional features are available to facilitate particular tanks and special

situations. These include:

Hem and rope around top perimeter of liner to easily secure liner in place.   Plating Tank Liner Hem and Rope
A skirt (double material thickness) at liquid/air interface to protect the freeboard in chrome plating applications. For an even longer life expectancy, optional PTFE skirt is available.  Teflon PTFE Skirt
Outlet tubes, also known as boots or flanges, can be attached or separate for plumbing through liners.  Boot Flange outlet

A double bottom for protection from falling parts.



Express Service available to expedite most tank liners. 


Only the highest quality pinhole free virgin flexible PVC materials are used in a variety of thicknesses and formulations to fit most any application. Materials are one ply and homogeneous, not multiple plys or laminated.

Electroless Plating

SPF Type 50 material is thin and lightweight designed to be used as a disposable method of lining your tank. It eliminates the need to clean your tank with Nitric Acid. With a temperature range up to 200˚F, this material is perfect for the typical 193˚F Electroless Nickel bath.  Click here for more information.

Electroplating Plating

SPF Type 100 is available in material thicknesses ranging from 3/32” to 3/16”. It has a temperature rating up to 150˚F and has a typical life expectancy of 1-5 or more years depending on usage and application.

SPF Type 500 is available in material thicknesses ranging from 3/32” to 3/16”. It has a temperature rating up to 150˚F-200˚F and has a typical life expectancy of 1-5 or more years depending on usage and application. Click here for more information.

Standard Material Thicknesses
Electroless Plating Electroplating
12 mil .012″ 3/32″ .093″
16 mil .016″ 1/8″ .125″
20 mil .020″ 3/16″ .1875″
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