Pillow Tanks

Pillow Tanks

Specialty Plastic Fabricators manufactures standard and custom pillow tanks. These tanks are also known as flexible tanks, fabric tanks, collapsible storage tanks, and by a variety of other names. Pillow tanks are flexible, portable storage bladders made of durable reinforced materials. These fabric tanks are inexpensive compared to other permanent storage systems and are stowable when not in use.

Pillow Tank Typical uses for pillow tanks include containment for fuels, transformer oils, chemicals, potable or waste water, on construction sites, or in military operations. Wherever permanent storage facilities are not practical, a temporary pillow tank might be used. Potable Pillow Tank
Pillow Tanks

Pillow Tank Advantages

  • Collapsible
  • Storable
  • Portable
  • Easily Deployable
Collapsible Pillow Tank
Pillow Tank

Pillow Tank Features

  • Heavy duty military grade fabric
  • Standard or custom fittings
  • Pressure vents
  • Handles for use of deployment
  • All 100% inspected and pressure tested


Pillow Tank Vent

Pillow Tank With Handle Specialty Plastic Fabricators manufactures all it’s pillow tanks using dielectric (radio frequency) welding and sealing to ensure the best quality seam in all it’s pillow tank products.Sized from 50 Gallons to 30,000 Gallons. Inflatable berms, ground cloths, and underlayments available for additional protection.