Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tank Liners

Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tank Liners

Specialty Plastic Fabricators manufactures heavy duty custom tank liners for liquid containment in large outdoor tanks.

Large Tank Liner
View of liner manway in background.

A tank liner in a tank will:

  • Provide a corrosion or chemically resistant barrier
  • Resolve a minor leakage problem
  • Provide primary containment for leakage detection


A wide range of chemicals, fertilizers and other liquids can be contained in our custom tank liners.



Contact Specialty Plastic Fabricators to discuss our tank lining services and determine your needs. 



Large tank liners for high volume chemicals, fertilizers, etc need to be installed by experienced and expert installers. Specialty Plastic Fabricators refers customers to The White Group, Inc. Their patented system, the only one of it’s kind on the market today, ensures a neat, clean, and reliable installation. You can read the details at:

Chemical Storage Liner
View of liner side wall. 
Tank Liner Inlets
View of pipe penetrations with special reinforced material “boots” to accomodate.
Tank Liner Inlet
View of single pipe penetration sealed in place.
Storage Tank Installation View
View up wall showing reinforced material and anchoring at top.
Storage Tank Liner Manway
View of manway sealed in place.