Inlets / Outlets / Connections

Inlets / Outlets and Connections


PVC Inlets Outlets Boots Many of the products made at Specialty Plastic Fabricators will require a plumbing connection, fill port, valve, camlock or other type of hardware. We are able to make custom boots (inlets/outlets) for our tank liners. These custom boots can often accommodate existing plumbing. On other products – special machined fittings may be required or molded fittings will be needed to accommodate a specified connection. We have the resources to provide fittings to suit a very wide variety of applications in small or large quantities. Other hardware for venting, pressure relief, etc. is also available.

Reinforced PVC Boots

Reinforced PVC Boots
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Fittings Connections Fittings Connections
PVC Fitting Connection PVC Fitting Connection
PVC Fitting Call us to discuss your needs. Over 35 years of fabricating experience and knowledge will be at your disposal. PVC Fitting Connection Cap
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