Custom Flexible Plastic Solutions

Custom Flexible Plastic Solutions

Specialty Plastic Fabricators offers a large variety of products made of flexible plastic materials ranging from one-of-a-kind, to small and large volume production runs. These products include items in the medical, plumbing, sound control, agricultural, recreational, metal finishing, chemical storage, and water storage and processing industries.

Air Inflatables

We can make just about anything that can hold air to float, protect, decorate, and more.

PVC RaftFloating Lounge Raft

PVC Set CushionSeat Cushions

Custom Inflatable ArtInflatable Art

Inflatable Air Bumper Inflatable Bumper Vapor Recovery Bladder
Urethane coated nylon bag
pipe plug bladder

Pipe Plug Bladder

Liquid Containment Bladders

Just like the air inflatables, liquid bladders can be made to contain liquids for multiple purposes, including containment within the bladder, as well as containing external liquids with the bladder.

Simulated Pregnancy PVC Bladder

Urethane Bladder

PVC Bladders For Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant System Drop Bladders

Fire Retardant Dispensing BladderFabric Reinforced Urethane Tank Bladder
PVC Bladder For Fire Retardant
12 mil PVC bladder 
Weight Bag

Weight Bag

pump tank bladder

Pump Tank Bladder

Lifting Bladders

Heavy duty air bladders can be used for a variety of lifting applications. 

Single Double Tandum RV Leveler
RV Leveling devices 

Lift Bag

Lift Bag

Custom Flexible PVC Inflatable Dent RemoverDent Remover


Portable Path

Portable Path

Table Top Thereapy Bag

Table Top Therapy Bag

PVC Inflatable Stadium Cushions
Foam encapsulation for pressure
regulated stadium cushion
 Transparant Valve Covers
Clear plastic piping and valve
“surround” for visual inspections.
 Hopper Liner Hopper Liner Structural Hanging Patches

D-Ring Patches