SPF Partners

SPF Partners

Brian Swift - SOAR


Brian is the founder of Swift Outdoor Accessible Recreation non-profit organization, which provides products and opportunities for outdoor recreation for physically challenged people and their families. 

The team at Specialty Plastic Fabricators believes that good business practices start with people and relationships, and over the years we have been honored to partner with great individuals and companies to offer a broad network of professional services throughout the United States and North America.  These partners include: 

Tank Lining Installers                Tank Repair Companies    Tank Manufacturers
Floor Lining Installers         Agricultural Distributors    Tank Distributors
Electroplating Liner Installers   Plating Industry Distributors  Tank Installers
If you are in need of any of these services or would like to join our network of professional partners, please contact us at 800-747-9509 or email info@spfinc.com.